Healthy Food

Hey Guys,

I have been super passionate about healthy food ever since I lost a bunch of weight in 2016! All I did was change my eating habits (I cut refined sugar and wheat out of my diet) and be a little more active. No hard core diet program or exercise. (Disclaimer: This is something that worked for me personally! not everyone!)

The first picture was December 2015 (I’m on the right) and the second is September 2016.

My weight loss journey made me discover how much I LOVE cooking healthy, wholesome meals at home, especially now that I get to cook for my fiancé!

I get most of my recipes from healthy food blogs and websites so I thought it would be fun to share one featured recipe (from someone else’s blog or website) with you guys every day! You can find these under “Recipe of the Day”. (Disclaimer: none of this content is mine!)

I also wanted to be able to share some of my own creations with you; you can find these under “My Recipes”.

Happy Cooking!

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