Our (Balcony) Garden

Hey Guys!

So I wanted to share something with you today that I am absolutely in love with! Our little (balcony) garden. I absolutely love plants and flowers and am so excited to see how everything is starting to bloom now that it’s spring.

Balcony Gardening-22
Our Bougainvillea has been in full bloom mode for the last month now!

Our first problem has been that we don’t have a ton of space. As much as I would love to be living in a house with lots of garden space for me to grow fruits, veggies and flowers, its just not the right time for that right now. Instead we live in a 2 bedroom condo and are blessed to have a pretty large balcony (it’s almost the size of our living room! – one of the reasons why I bought the condo in the first place!). So we have had to get a little creative with pots.

Balcony Gardening-16

After researching what vegetables grow best in pots we ended up deciding on zucchini (a personal favorite of mine), tomatoes, a pumpkin plant and a small orange tree. My goal is to have homegrown pumpkins by fall! Because, how cool would that be?! So far, everything is growing extremely well and almost all of our plants have doubled in size since we got them a month ago. Success!

In the past, I have never had the most luck keeping lots of plants alive, but this time everything seems to be going well and I could not be happier. I absolutely love hydrangeas, they are by far my favorite flower! (Sunflowers, bougainvilleas, peonies and orchids coming in close behind).

Back in Germany (where I am from for those of you who don’t know) hydrangeas grow wild and are practically maintenance free. I love going home and seeing all those huge bushy flowers everywhere. They are absolutely gorgeous. They love the cool, overcast and rainy climate over there. So naturally, It’s been a little bit more of a struggle to keep them alive in warm, dry, sunny southern California.

Balcony Gardening-17

In the past, they have stayed a live for a week or so and then slowly wilted and died much to my despair. However, after doing lots of online resource and having sheer determination, I have managed to keep these alive for a little over a month now! In fact, not only are they living, they are thriving! (Especially the giant bush below! I can’t wait for it to be in full bloom – so much pink :D)

For anyone wanting to plant hydrangeas in warmer climates; I have found that planting them in large pots (or preferably the ground if you have space), placing them in a shaded area, watering them EVERY SINGLE DAY and planting them in acidic soil really works!

Balcony Gardening-19
I love all the different shades of pink, purple and blue!
Balcony Gardening-10
Curb appeal, anyone?
Balcony Gardening-11
Even the hydrangea that died last year is coming back to life with my newfound dedication and consistency!

I think one of the problems that I have had in the past is that I was never very consistent with watering. I would water for a couple days every day and almost drown my plants and then go a few days without watering at all. However, now that I have gotten into a really good routine of watering a little bit every morning (and sometimes again in the afternoon if it has been really hot) my plants are all thriving. I have found that I find it really relaxing as well 🙂 It’s a great way to start out the day!

Now that everything is green and blooming, Kevin and I love to sit out there and have breakfast and dinner. Its so nice to be in the fresh air! Plus the Jasmine smells SOOO good! I wish it would bloom all year round.

If anyone has any balcony gardening tips for us, I would LOVE to hear them! We are considering trying our hand at vertical gardening next 🙂

Has anyone else had success planting hydrangeas in warmer climates?





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