Carpinteria Trip

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to share a little bit about the impromptu day trip we took to Carpinteria yesterday. While Kevin and I were taking Emma on her walk, he mentioned a pretty park that he had been to in Montecito. Since we had little else planned for our Saturday, we decided to load Emma into the car and head off.

Turns out the park was actually in Carpinteria we think (a tiny bit more south than Montecito). But we never actually found it. Instead we did one of my favorite things ever. We got lost and explored (not literally – I just mean that we had no real destination). Carpinteria was gorgeous! After all the rain we got this past winter, everything was so green and there were flowers popping up everywhere. If I had to describe Carpinteria in 1 word, I would use colorful. I absolutely LOVE color – so this was right up my alley.


We started out walking around a neighborhood that had a stream running through it. There was really cool little bridge that went over the stream and there were lots of big trees, grass and flowers all around us. It was suburban without it only being track homes. People were growing avocados all over the place and it was part beach-y part farm-y.


Then we walked down a couple of the main streets. There were thrift store and antique stores all around and it was all very adorable. We came across apparently the largest Torrey Pine tree in the world – It was pretty large!

There were also lots of cute little boutiques, restaurants and ice cream shops. We stopped by a few of them and I got to try on some pretty floral dresses (another thing that I love a little too much). One of my favorite things there was all artwork on the building walls. It gave the street such a cool beachy, colorful vibe.



On the way back, poor Emma with her black fur coat decided that the sun and the walking had gotten too much for her. She plopped down in the shade on some grass and we took a little break. Thankfully, she perked right back up when we got her a vanilla soft serve and some water (she is a very very very spoiled dog). I am of the firm belief that if we don’t spoil our dogs a little then we aren’t doing it right. After we made it home, she had her dinner complete with leftover rotisserie chicken and peanut butter (weird combination but she was into it!)Carpinteria-41

On the way home we stopped at this little restaurant called Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch. I was a little skeptical at first because Kevin had promised me a salad and there was a severe lack of lettuce at the Chicken Ranch. However, the chicken quickly won me (and Emma) over 🙂


I always feel incredibly lucky to have Kevin in my life but there are days when I feel it so much more. Today was one of those days. I cannot even begin to describe how great of a human being he is. He is selfless, caring, kind, funny and incredibly loving. I honestly am not sure what I did to deserve someone like him. I am so so so lucky and amazed that this incredible man decided that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.


He truly is my best friend. He is silly and makes me laugh and I know that he will always, always, always be there for me 100% and that is the best feeling in the world. I could not be happier 🙂




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