Staying Motivated / Grad Photos

Hey Guys,

I have some super duper exciting news! In exactly 14 days from now I will be walking across the stage to get my diploma and will officially be a college graduate with a bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Art! I absolutely cannot wait.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed my time in college. I liked my university and have always excelled at my classes. The last few semesters, I have basically gotten straight A’s and I will be graduating with honors. I have met some really cool people through CLU and my professors have all been great. That being said, I am ready to be done!

Even with being a pretty good student overall, I am not going to lie, these last couple of weeks it has been pretty hard to stay motivated. The last couple of years I have always been the person who plans out exactly how many classes I can miss and always makes sure that I get everything done (well – I tend to be a bit of an an overachiever when it comes to class) on time. Even though this is my normal mentality, it has been a struggle to keep on top of everything and the excitement of wedding planning isn’t helping.

My classes aren’t particularly hard this semester; in fact most of them are pretty easy. Unfortunately they aren’t subjects that I am all to interested in, which combined with my severe case of senioritis has made me struggle to keep showing up and putting in the work. However, I am not about to give up this close to the finish line.

Grad Photos-14

After all I only have one more week of real classes left, isn’t that crazy? I have pretty much been a student for as long as I can remember and it’s hard to picture myself as being anything else. I am fortunate enough to know what I will be doing once I get done with school – which these days, is a luxury not many college students share. I think, while extremely exciting, this time period can also be a little stressful and scary for a lot of young adults. Being a student is a huge part of any young person’s identity. It’s what most of us say when asked what we do. On top of that, many of us made lots of good friends during college and have built up a support system at school. Now that everyone is graduating, we have to figure out a way to stay close to friends that we might not be close to geographically anymore and how to build an identity around something other than being a student.

For me, I have two huge life transitions right now. One, going from being a student to being a graduate and the other going from being a girlfriend to being a fiancé. To be honest, while both as extremely exciting, getting engaged and starting to plan our wedding has eclipsed graduating college a little – which is also not helping the staying motivated thing. I have found myself being so focused on planning our wedding that I almost forget I am about to be done with school. I have bought a gazillion dresses for various engagement photo shoots and then realized that I don’t have anything to wear to graduation. I am going wedding dress shopping the weekend before I graduate (aka next weekend and I am SO excited – but more on that in a future post) and have spent more energy thinking about that then when I walk across stage the weekend after.

While both of these huge events are insanely exciting, I am now trying to consciously stay more focused on finishing the semester strong and on graduation. Truthfully, I am way more excited to be a fiancé then a college graduate, however, I have almost an entire year (ok – 10 months) to focus on wedding planning. So I made the (hard) choice to put planning on hold until I am done with school.

Grad Photos-41

Two. More. Weeks.

It feels so close, yet so far away. But I know that it will come sooner than I expect so for now I am going to try to enjoy the last few classes that I have and spending time with the people in them.

I got my cap and gown on Tuesday and spent the afternoon yesterday decorating my cap. Kevin’s mom is pretty much one of the sweetest women I know and sewed me sunflowers to add on to my cap (and they are absolutely gorgeous!). Afterwards, Kevin and I headed down to a park with some pretty wild flowers and a killer ocean view to take some photos.

Grad Photos-34

How lucky am I that I have a fiancé who is willing to put up with my constant desire to take photos of everything around me (including occasionally myself)?

It’s a little strange posing for photos since I am normally always the one behind the camera and Kevin doesn’t have a lot of photography experience but with a little bit of guiding and some editing afterwards, we had lots of fun and got some pretty great shots!

Graduation is starting to feel a little more real now. T – 14 days! We can do it!




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